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For many years most Showmen were part of the Showman’s Guild. As the only way to be a showman was to travel the land and supply shows, membership was essentially inherited.

About 25 years ago John Carter started up as an independent showman and formed a new society. This in essence was for all older style equipment e.g. Gallopers, Cakewalk etc, and was only open to members with dated equipment.

In 1998 John Crane met Janet Catton and started a new association called The Association of Independent Showmen (AIS). The aim of the AIS is to strengthen bonds within the community and help it prosper.

With new legislation and guidelines being implemented frequently, there are many areas with which we can offer help and advice. Areas such as insurance, legislation, vehicle regulations (DVLA/ VOSA), HSE, DfE, ADIPS, NAFLIC, ADSC, Local Authorities etc. All setting certain criteria to attain before you can start trading without risking prosecution or equipment being seized.

We are in constant contact with many of the governing bodies, and are seen as an influential negotiating body for our members with regards to every aspect of the showman’s industry. With membership spanning the nation, we are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. We believe that fairness should be shown to all, and a level playing field created and maintained.

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